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Suggestion: New "time-stop" powerup: The World

This powerup (The World) is inspired by the JoJo time stop effect. How it works is the user of the ability is able to stop time for everyone else but themselves and move around/do whatever freely until the ability runs out.

When someone gets this powerup and activates it, everyone else but they get affected by the powerup (shown in video) and their vehicles are frozen on the spot. The 'time freeze' lasts for 5 and all players are unfrozen.

The player using the ability can activate it and do stuff like:

get away from tank (survive the tank)
chase down caddy as tank (survive the tank)
get away from taggers (tag)
steal flag or run away with flag (target rush)

How would this affect timer? Probably pause it or add 5s (idk how it works i cant do fivem-ing)


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