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Poll: Should this new Gamemode called Carnage be added?
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Carnage (Sumo that never ends)

Imagine Sumo and King of the Hill mixed into one. That will be Carnage.
The point of the game is to have the same system as Sumo with one slight difference.. once you die, you immediately respawn! Same sudden death as usual ,o r kill based system who knows, and the same maps you see on the current Sumo list.
If the Admins do not like the idea of an entirely new gamemode around it then add a feature to the current hosting for Sumo saying "immediate respawn" or something on the lines of that.

Mr7urtle has at times respawned everyone on Sumo and it's created a ton of fun within the mode (Sorry for the exposure Turtle heheh), which means if he likes it then it could be an indication for a mode around it!

More likes on this post then the sooner it could come to Mega's Games people :D.

- British

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